Update on My Life

Hi everybody, it’s been a while!

This blog post will be a little different.

As some of you have noticed, there haven’t been many blog posts in the last year or so. I’ve posted some videos on the Self-Archeology YouTube channel, but some of them are directed to a slightly more general audience; meanwhile the blog posts are more complex and dig deeper. During this time of my literary stillness, I’ve received several messages saying they find this blog really informative and valuable, and they want to know if I will continue writing.

The truth is, I was quite preoccupied with a big project that is a book I plan on self-publishing in a digital form later this year. I didn’t want to announce it earlier because it’s quite a huge project for me. I’m working on it on and off for about a year now, so there are not much resources left for this blog. Because when I feel like writing, I work on the book—and when I’m not doing that, I’m either working with my clients or relaxing. I feel more comfortable talking about it right now because I will finish writing the first draft relatively soon, and I’m sure it will be a good, thorough book. A book I would have loved and treasured if it existed when I was just starting with my own self-archeological process many years ago. So even if it happens so that only a few people will buy it or if I’ll receive lots of hatemail, I will be content with my work, as I know it to be highly valuable to people who are searching for genuine happiness and improvement. And writing it brings me fulfillment, so it’s a win for me either way.

It’s an immense project, as I have to write the text, review it, find a proofreader/editor, review the edited text, figure out how to prepare/convert the text for all e-reading software/devices, find a designer who could create a cover for the book, check if the converted text is displayed properly, and many more. So far, I’ve written the bigger part of the intended text, have found a potential proofreader/editor, and looked into some technical stuff. So, there are still things left to do here….

Sky is not the limit
Another big update is that as a gift to myself for my 30th birthday that’s right around the corner, I decided to pursue an opportunity to travel more and meet new people. As a result, last week I moved out of the apartment I was currently renting and started my travels. Originally, I didn’t think it will happen so quickly, but I pondered the fact that in a few months nothing will be radically different so why not start now.

I have travelled before; I’ve been in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia, Egypt, and probably some other places I’m failing to remember at the moment. But I have never travelled alone before. Furthermore, all my previous travels were short term and planned.

Now, I’m travelling in a very different way. I’m searching for hosts who would like to take me in for some time. I need a place to stay, with water and electricity, and somewhere to sleep. Since I work with my clients via the Internet, I also need an Internet connection and privacy during the sessions. That’s it. If I have that, I can continue working on my book, too. Actually, I was able to do some productive writing yesterday when I was flying to Prague, Czech Republic, where I am staying right now. This is my first stop. I am staying in a small, cozy, and very beautiful town of Hlásná Třebaň for a couple of weeks. I don’t have any concrete plans for my next destination. I think I will use the Workaway travelling program, which allows you to find hosts who take you in, and in exchange you help them with whatever they need help with. I’ll probably visit Germany or Austria next, and then I’ll slowly move west. I have found some people who could potentially let me stay at their place in the US, but it’s a long way to go. I definitely would like to visit US and Canada, and with the passport I have right now I’m able to go there for at least 90 days. We’ll see….

It’s definitely an exciting and somewhat challenging experience—and it’s quite refreshing, too. An interesting emotional experience was when I arrived at the airport before departure and checked my front right pocked just to see it’s empty. I always have carried a set of keys there. A set of keys to the apartment I own, or to a place I’m renting, or to an apartment I lived in as an adolescent (if you look back that far away). This time, the pocket was empty. It was an interesting feeling. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily unpleasant—it was something new.

I think I end it here. I’ll probably write about my travels a little bit in the future. And I’ll probably post some pictures and updates on Facebook from time to time, so, as always, feel free to connect with me there if you want to.

See you—and greetings from the road!

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