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Update on My Life

Hi everybody, it’s been a while! This blog post will be a little different. As some of you have noticed, there haven’t been many blog posts in the last year or so. I’ve posted some videos on the Self-Archeology YouTube channel , but some of them are directed to a slightly more general audience; meanwhile the blog posts are more complex and dig deeper. During this time of my literary stillness, I’ve received several messages saying they find this blog really informative and valuable, and they want to know if I will continue writing. The truth is, I was quite preoccupied with a big project that is a book I plan on self-publishing in a digital form later this year. I didn’t want to announce it earlier because it’s quite a huge project for me. I’m working on it on and off for about a year now, so there are not much resources left for this blog. Because when I feel like writing, I work on the book—and when I’m not doing that, I’m either working with my clients or relaxing. I feel more