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Analyzing Art for Self-Exploration

“Vogel Selbsterkenntnis” (“Bird of Self-Knowledge”) Today, I would like to talk about art and how we can use different pieces of art for self-exploration. I use the term art very loosely here; it involves literature, music, movies, paintings, photography, video games, sculpture, etc. Probably most of us notice that for some reason we like a particular song, movie, painting, picture, fictional character, and so on. It connects with us on a psycho-emotional level. Sometimes we can even name exactly what it triggers in us and what it means to us. For example, we hear a song and we consciously think, “Oh, this song reminds me of a day I met my first girlfriend.” Or, “When I was watching this movie, I could connect with the sadness protagonist was feeling when his dog died, because my dog is dead too.” I mentioned this in my video where I analyze three of Eminem’s songs – often people like something or connect with something without even exploring why, but I would argue there's a