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The Classification and Results of Child Abuse

Child abuse can be divided into various forms which are physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse . (For those who just joined us: if you think of something that could be somehow painful or harmful to an adult, it’s definitely harmful to the child. Yes, children are human beings too .) Physical abuse Physical abuse means that child’s physical body suffers harm. It includes beating, spanking, slapping, kicking, dragging, burning, yanking on any body part, unwanted tickling, and so on. Basically, any kind of touch the child doesn’t want and that is harmful to them. It also includes physical neglect through denial of food or medication, and inappropriate personal or medical care. Mental abuse Mental abuse (i.e., psychological or emotional abuse) means that child’s mind suffers harm. Mental abuse includes yelling, manipulating, fear mongering, shaming, creating false guilt, forbidding to feel certain feelings (like anger ), convincing that you have to feel certain feel