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Playing With a Child's Trust Is Harmful

Some time ago on the Self-Archeology Facebook page I posted an article called “The High Cost of Tiny Lies” by a neuroscientist Sam Harris. In it, the author talks about the horrors of lying to children. Specifically about a very popular YouTube challenge by Jimmy Kimmel, where he encourages his viewers to lie to their kids or prank them, film their reaction, and put it on YouTube. This is supposed to be funny. And the more scared, sad, hurt, and confused the child gets, the more hilarious it is to people (to the parents, to Jimmy Kimmel, and to his audience). In this article, I will talk about the harm of playing with a child trust. I will also address a couple of common defenses of such behavior and talk about why this is amusing and appealing to people. Not a Big Deal? I personally never liked the phenomenon of playing with people’s trust or being played by others – both in my childhood and in adulthood. I remember how I was feeling as a child when my caregivers and other a