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Psychiatric Hospital Experiences (Part 2): Worker Stories

Psychiatric Hospital Experiences (Part 1): Patient Stories can be found here . Here's PART 2: WORKER STORIES. [Language unedited, except for a few typos for clarity.] Comment 1: It's *insanely* difficult to prove abuse. There was an incident with the home health agency I worked with where a male CHHA raped a female stroke patient. She had extremely limited verbal skills, but was still able to communicate what happened. Police were called. An investigation proceeded. They determined she was of a "limited mental capacity" and misunderstood what occurred. Worst thing I ever saw. Comment 2: I used to be a support worker for an organization in Canada that used zero restraints and most of the people we served had some variation of extreme intellectual disability and mental health diagnosis as well. I mention this because ,in my ten years supporting there, I never once had to restrain anyone. We used a lot of preventative techniques (sort of like the peel metho

Psychiatric Hospital Experiences (Part 1): Patient Stories

About a month ago, I read an article on called  Things I Saw As A Psych Ward Nurse Too Dark For Horror Films . In it, a male nurse shares his experiences working in a huge psychiatric hospital where he saw, experienced, and participated in many horrible things. Those who follow the subject for a longer amount of time probably will not be too surprised because it is extensively documented how terrifyingly grim so many mental health facilities and health facilities in general are. However, I spent some time reading the comments under the article and wanted to post them as a separate article. I have selected a few more interesting ones where people share first-hand experiences of either staying in such a facility as a patient or working there as a staff member. It's a lot of text, so I decided to separate the comments into two posts: one for patients' stories and one for workers'. Here's PART 1: PATIENT STORIES. [Language unedited, except for a few typos for