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Resources on Child Abuse and Childhood Trauma

Child Abuse and Its Results in Today's Society by Darius Cikanavičius It's Not The Child's Fault by Darius Cikanavičius Common Reactions to The Topic of Childhood Trauma by Darius Cikanavičius Why People Deny Childhood Trauma and Its Results by Darius Cikanavičius The Cycle of Child Abuse and How to End It by Darius Cikanavičius The Classification and Results of Child Abuse by Darius Cikanavičius The Difficulties of Recognizing and Reducing Child Abuse by Darius Cikanavičius Interview with Daniel Mackler: The Significance of Childhood Environment   Interview with Daniel Mackler: What Is Child Abuse? Psychohistory Institute (run by Lloyd deMause) Alice Miller's website on Child Abuse and Mistreatment, and all of her books What Constitutes Child Abuse? by Daniel Mackler The Spiritual Rights Of The Child by Daniel Mackler Daniel Mackler's website on Healing from Childhood Trauma and r