Update: Upcoming Book(s) and Patreon

Happy New Year, everyone!

Today I have two pieces of news.

As some of you may know, for the last few years I have been writing a book on human development, trauma, healing, and personal growth. Long story short, I have a big text that I eventually decided to split into several publications to make it more accessible instead of keeping it as one Atlas-Shrugged-sized book.

Currently, we’re working on finishing the first book. The editing process is almost done and so far it looks really good. After the editor is done working on it, I will re-read it again and figure out how to format it for publishing. I will post more updates about it soon.

Now, the second thing I want to talk about here is Patreon. A few people have suggested to me that I should create a Patreon account so I finally did. For those who don’t know, Patreon is a subscription service that helps people support content creators (read more here).

I’ve been working on Self-Archeology for half a decade now and it would be great if you could help this project grow and make a positive change in the world. I started it with a passion to help people and to spread information on mental health, psychology, and personal development. I've spent countless hours writing articles, producing videos, posting on Self-Archeology’s Facebook page, answering people's private messages, and more—all available for free. I want to continue producing free content, but it requires a lot of time and other resources. None of my YouTube videos are monetized and I rarely ask for and receive donations. Moreover, the editing of the first book costs a lot of money and I’m funding it out of my own pocket.

So if you have received any value from my articles, videos, and daily Facebook posts, or if you just want to support this project, consider becoming a patron. With your help we can grow faster and become available to more people who are looking to heal, learn, and improve their life. Be a part of it. Together we can make a positive change in the world.

If everyone who have followed Self-Archeology contributed as little as $1/month—or more—on Patreon, this project would grow immensely. Understandably, some are able to give a little, some will be able to give much more. You can choose how much you want to contribute per month. Every dollar counts and helps me cover the related costs and lets me work on this more.

You can become a patron by visiting Self-Archeology’s Patreon page, clicking “BECOME A PATRON,” and following the simple instructions. And if you also want to help out in some other way, that’s possible too.

Thank you for your consideration and support. Much love!

For more on these and other topics, check out the author’s books: Human Development and Trauma: How Childhood Shapes Us into Who We Are as Adults and Self-Work Starter Kit.

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